about celmonze

  • Celmonze: Our Story
    Inspiring Women All Over The World Towards Better Skincare, Beauty & Soul

    Founded in 1980, Celmonze International Laboratories (Celmonze IL) now comprises of five state-of-the-art research labs located across Europe and North America, with its headquarters based in the beautifully enchanting city of Paris.

    Today, Celmonze continues to inspire women all over the world towards better skincare, beauty and soul. Our secret: Constant innovative breakthroughs and formulations by our team of dedicated and experienced Cosmetologists and Specialistscreating successful products unsurpassed in quality and excellence.
  • Vision & Mission
    Our Vision
    Provide A One-Stop Haven
    Celmonze is and will continue to be a one-stop beauty haven with advanced solutions for the most diverse skin care and beauty needs.

    Persist As Market Leader
    We will remain in the forefront as the market leader through continuous R&D for constant product innovation and breakthrough discoveries.

    Preserve Beauty Forever
    Utilizing biotechnological advances; we will always lead the way in delivering innovative products and in preserving beauty, forever.

    Our Mission
    Beauty, Freedom, Confidence
    We endeavor to bring a new hope of beauty, freedom and confidence to our customers everyday, because we can.

    Customer Satisfaction Always
    We seek to strengthen and maintain a long-term relationship with our valued customers by ensuring customer satisfaction, always.
  • Our Pride
    Uniquely Celmonze - Essence Of Nature Propelled With Powerful Biotechnology

    Celmonze means "cell reborn". At Celmonze IL, we live up to our name and offer effective therapies for renewal of skin cells. Our holistic approach and avantgarde formulation is the art of combining nature with science, for the best results.

    Each gentle skincare solution by Celmonze is the essence of nature, preserved in its purest state. Delivered in molecular form, all biological, botanical and marine extracts are easily absorbed at cellular level, for total rejuvenation within.