C White

Reveal Luminous Skin

Light up your world with the luminous power of C White by Celmonze—designed to counter hyper pigmentation and unwanted blemishes—the safe, gentle and natural way. Using naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl acids derived from soybean, bitter almond, bark of willow tree and milk. These nourishing, nutritive and intensely revitalizing ingredients in C White will more than restore skin’s luminosity. It’ll eradicate the effects of sun damage and acne scars. Fade away unwanted blemishes. And, propel intensive cellular renovation till skin is plump, smooth and young again!

In 2 weeks, see skin’s luminance revealed—with incredibly brilliant results you’ll love!

- Reduces Appearance of Dark Spots and Pigmentation
- Able to Lighten Uneven Skin Tone
- Boosts Up Skin's Elasticity
- Moisturizing and Hydrating
- Lifting and Firming
- Soothes Away Skin's Irritation
- Calms Away Skin's Problem

For more detail please consult Celmonze Distributor.

  • C White Day Cream
    White Brilliance Increased, Dark Matters Decreased. Skin is on its way to a brighter day! Thanks...
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  • C White Skin Concentrate
    Extraordinarily Brighter, Firmer Incredibly Calmer & Clearer. Skin’s hero is here to save the day!...
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  • C White Night Repair Complex
    Stellar Renovation Just Overnight, Spotty Pigmentation Out Of Sight. Skin’s overnight renovation restores brilliance. First, unwanted...
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