Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis

mystique of youth renewed

Swiss Apple’s DNA to youthful longevity boosted with the Revolutionary Regestril ™ and Cronodyn® Formulations by Celmonze, expect visible, optimum rejuvenation results that last. *evident difference in 24 hours. Skin Cells are completely repaired by 48 hours.

Let your age remain a mystery from now on. GENETIQUE Stem Cells Synthesis has captured the miraculous regenerative ability of the rare Swiss Apple, Uttwiler Spatlauber. Transforming it into a powerful youth-extension beauty solution.

Similar to human skin cells, the Swiss apple’s plant stem cells are proven to boost up cellular healing and renewal process. So you can look younger, for longer.

Nature’s genes to youthful longevity are now yours to inherit.

- Immediate visibly sign of firming and lifted
- Act as skins cell energy booster
- Activate cell regeneration and repair damage cells
- Brightens and glowing (fight signs and dull skin)
- Immediate epidermal skin structure refines

For more detail please consult Celmonze Distributor.

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