Hydro Marine

Reservoir of Moisture

3x More Hydrating Power. It’s official. Skin will not be found in a weak and thirsty state again. Congested pores are now minimized. Hydro Marine’s Trio-Moisture Reservoir is here to the rescue. Penetrating into skin’s 3 epidermis layer: Upper, Middle and Basal. To provide 3X more hydrating effect compared to ordinary counter moisturizers.

Trio- Moisture Reservoir 3X More Hydrating Power.
Pumping the transformative power of H2O to the level; Hydro Marine’s Trio-Moisture Reservoir is enriched with Marine Plankton a coveted source of the award-winning ATP cellular energizer.
In addition to propelling rapid cellular repair and slowing down aging signs, it strengthens skin’s youth staying power.

Suitable for mature, dry, dehydrated, oily - combination skin and weaken skin. Cells damaged skin, scars, marks, pre-aging skin.

Factors: Over excessive peeling, long hour outdoor activities, long hours air-condition room, swimming, beach lovers, frequent travelers, and experience weather changes.

- Provide 3X more hydrating effect compared to ordinary counter moisturizer.
- Skin is immersed in long lasting moisture to restore radiance and resilience.
- Cell regeneration is activated for natural skin repair and defense.
- Skin regains its lustrous hence fine lines and creases are obviously reduced.
- Moisture penetrating into skin’s 3 epidermis layers: Upper, Middle and Basal layers of skin

For more detail please consult Celmonze Distributor.

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