Pro-Vitamin C

power up with c

This unique formula synergies the energy of 3 types of Vitamin C! Comprised of water-soluble and oil-soluble form, this results in a stable release of C POWER to the skin in a continual and consistent form with concentrated, long-lasting effect.
C POWER prompts the renewal and rebuilding of skin collagen; restoring skin elasticity and firmness. It rejuvenates skin back to its earlier, stronger stage. While fighting free radicals and oxidation culprits, reversing signs of early aging. Fortified with Vitamins A & E, both of which are also strong anti-oxidants. CELMONZE Pro-Vitamin C is guaranteed to deliver a powerful performance in its anti-aging mission. Resulting in skin that’s firm, smooth and supple, once again.
Empower skin’s ability to turn back time ~ reveal the real, youthful you today!

Suitable for dry, combination, mature, pre-mature, wrinkle, uneven skin tone, smokers. Pre/post-natal skin, pre/post menopause skin.

Factors: Internal and external factors such as stress, unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diets, smokers.

- Prevent premature aging with antioxidants
- The stimulation of the skin’s own collagen production

For more detail please consult Celmonze Distributor.

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