PhytoLife HQ + Hyaluronic Concentrate

1,000 x More Moisture-Factor Retained, ‘Intercellular Gaps’ Hydrated & Refilled.

Ampoule 2.5ml

Overtime, we begin to lose vital moisture needed to maintain smooth, firm and silky skin. Instantly, PhytoLife HQ+ Hyaluronic Concentrate restores & refills every inch of skin with intense hydration!

~ “Lock-In-Moisture” and Highest Density Moisture Replenished
~ Skin’s Vital All-Day Moisture is Safeguarded & Sealed
~ Water-Magnet Effect: Flaky Skin Reduced

Apply on all over the face & neck area. Used in conjunction with any intensive treatment that is suitable for your current skin type/ skin condition. Use 1 phial ampoule at least once a week. Once ampoule has been open, should finish it within 24 hours. Apply layer by layer, until fully absorbed.

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