Effi Tea Day & Night

Moisturizer for Day & Night


Youthful Elasticity Defended,
Anti-Inflammation Secured.

All through the day, add fuel to skin’s ability to fight against free radicals while maintaining a strong line of defense. As a result, skin remains calm and firm.

- Anti-Free Radical Ability Amplified
- Cellular Regeneration Stimulated
- Anti-Bacterial Shield Reinforced
- Restorative Healing Regained

First, apply Serum in the day or Complex in the night. Next, apply Day & Night cream evenly on face and gently massage it in till fully absorbed. Avoid the eye area.

  • Effi Tea Serum
    Essential Immunity Reinforced, Antioxidant Power Increased. Skin is now stronger than ever, in its strategic defense...
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  • Effi Tea Complex
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  • Effi Tea
    Skin’s number 1 enemy has been identified: Free-radicals. It’s lurking in environmental pollutants, UVA &...
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